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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Valentine's dogs [4/6] OPEN

daaiyah sims

"c h e e s e y"

early valentine doggos for your warm hearts!
These are a very cheap batch of dogs for valenines day!
Each cost $12.50
1.)Dark cupid (husky)- OPEN
2.)Suit and Tie date (Pitbull)- OPEN
3.)Chocolate covered strawberry (poodle)-OPEN
4.)Valentine present (Labrador)- OPEN
5.)The crush (corgi)- CLOSED by amino user @/disco lemonade
6.)I ❤ U plushie (eskimo)-CLOSED by FA user @/paintedwulf1435
please, serious buyers only <3!~

art,base © unposture.mov,daaiyahsims​
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