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Vanity Fair Article from 2001


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Well, it was written 14 years ago, wasn't it?
Of course you can still state your opinion and be bothered by it,
but as long as there is no current article like that, I don't understand new fuss about it.

Anyway, I guess some rumors and prejudices are current.
But to my mind sex seems a way too important topic in the furry fandom.
You'r automatically flashy if you post something gross etc. and get an amount of
attention that is way bigger than in other fandoms.
At least this is how it seems to me as someone new here.

But who cares? I don't think everyone believes you are stupid or something,
just because you told them you are a furry. And after all every fandom got some freaks.


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Now, you have to understand. They find the ones that stand out, that are weird or eccentric, to get views. To get people reading. They do the same for anime conventions, or any niche group. It's what sells. And if that means making the majority look bad because of the vocal minority, then that's a byproduct of it. It happens with everything. Race, religion, gender, gamers, non-gamers, you name it, and its the radical vocal minorities that are heard doing things, not the sane, "normal" majority.


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Furry hate started when furries decided to be a bunch of murry-purry retards over mascot uniforms and failing to hide degenerate fetishes from the public.


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do they even still publish this magazine


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Pretty sure furry hate got started because SomethingAwful got bored


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Fourteen years on, and the rag is still as crap as Cosmo and National Enquirer. I haven't seen an issue for sale in years.


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People actually buy magazines?


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“Pretty much guys that can’t deal with society,” Johnny says. “There’s more to it than the costumes—they’re blatant homosexuals.”

I'm shocked how well this holds up.


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Nobody brought this on the fandom. The fandom brought it upon itself.

Butters Shikkon

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Ah, blatant homosexuals. My favorite kind.