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Varied Commissions!


a ghost in a shell
I'm open for a ton of different commissions including avatars, portraits, LJ icons, pixel icons, and conbadges! I'm proficient in drawing canines and humans mostly, but have also had experience in dragons, complex hybrids, and conceptual creatures.

I don't have an FA account yet since registration seems to be closed, but you can browse my deviantART for examples. A full list of my prices can be found here. :3


She sells sanctuary
I'm definitely interested. I'd like three sketches, please (I'll pay you $15 for this set - I think your asking prices are too low for your sketches)

All will feature my character, Kai. She's a German Shepherd.

And she's a triathlete. So I want a picture of her swimming, one of her biking, and one of her running. In all of the pics, she should be wearing this uniform.
Other views ( 1 2 )

1) In the one swimming, she should be wearing a white swim cap and goggles.
2) For the biking one, she needs to be wearing her helmet, sunglasses, and riding her bike
3) For the running one, she needs to have her sunglasses on and be running.

Please let me know what Paypal address you want me to send to.