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meow mfer
I'm fairly new to this/fA in general, but I decided to take 5 cheek kiss requests!
By this, I mean that I'll draw my main Oc, Kyu kissing your oc's cheek. Examples being something like this and this!
  • This is not first come first serve, I'll hanpick five!
  • Male ocs prefered since they're easier for me to draw, but I can do girls as well.
  • Reference of Oc required.
  • Please either give me an outfit reference you'd like your oc to be in, or a colour in case you want the leotard look like in the examples.
  • This is just some cute vday stuff, and note that Kyu is shipped already. <3
Without further a do, fire away! I look forward to seeing everyone's ocs and picking five to do. :)

EDIT: Thank you to everyone for commenting! I've chosen five and messaged em. I'll be sure to open reqs again sometime!
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Artist in the work
Want to give my Lucsrio a sweet kiss on the cheek? He wouldn't mind a friendly valentine's day kiss. If needed I can provide more references when asked.


Hey there!
My boy Fret would love a little kiss! His outfit is provided in the reference image!
You can pick which version of him you'd want to draw (they have the same outfit)
Thanks so much! Happy Valentine's day to you!


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Leather-clad Lobo
Hello :3
Since I haven't given him a whole lot of love, yet, I'll put Stephen forward :D
He's quite shy, the little bundle of nerves...but I'm sure he'd enjoy getting a kiss from such a cute boy!

Here's two works I have of him:
www.furaffinity.net: Stephen Juno- by Tonkable! by KD142000
www.furaffinity.net: The Bundle Of Nerves (Stephen Juno)- by Space-Hatter by KD142000

His regular Paramedic (EMT) uniform should do fine, but if you'd like to give him something else, I'm open to it :3
Thanks and your work is adorable :3