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VDK, Writer for Hire


Mercenary Writer
Hello! And welcome to my action story writing commissions. In this document you shall find the information if interested in commissioning me. As the title of the document says, I mainly focus on action stories. What action stories?

Treasure Hunting

These three are the ones I will write since it’s what I can mostly do. The topics I won’t write are:

Or anything not involving the three topics above.

I can understand that you want something else, but I am a specialist writer. This means that I focus on the three topics mentioned since it’s what I can do. While others can give you a first person story, or a whole romantic scene, I focus mostly on lead flying, people getting shot, and the pursuit of an enemy, the destruction of said enemy, or the pursuit of a relic in dangerous lands.

Prices: Story prices will fall between $30-$40 range.

But I can’t afford that!

Fear not, I am open to negotiation.

I can’t pay in cash, can I do a trade with you instead?

Of course. I can be art-story trade or a story-story trade.

Any questions you have, feel free to comment in this thread, or send me a note on my FA page