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Vent 'Bout Dad (Otherwise, Carry On)



So I tried to contact my Dad about how he treated me and neglect me. He did this to me for years when he gotten into a relationship with another. He also abuse me. I told him how he literally left me to the wolves due to his indifference towards me, and gone through a depression/anxiety even more. Didn't even give a shit when I showed him, "What if I committed suicide?", on messenger. He just said that he send a message, rather than not show up in person; he would've let me kill myself.

I was interrupted/ganged up by his girlfriend's kids, stating he was a "great man" and how I called their mother a "cow". I wanted to talk to my Dad only, told them to leave.

Now, a couple of relatives in my Dad side see this as "harassment" and "I'll end up in jail"; even though I literally tried to reach out to my Dad, about how he treated me and how he should be more of an actual Dad. I'm just frustrated how literally no-one understands me in this situation. They are all defending him and treating my feelings like nothing. He's almost 40. He neglect me, he abused me. I even taken therapy and consoling, just to understand what my Dad really is; a friend. A bad friend.

On one note, one relative, on my Dad's family, seems to comprehend this. So far.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
my mom abused me and got away with it.

people don't seem to understand that they can be one way with one person and another way with another.

everyone blamed me and said i scarred myself to prove a point. why the hell would i damage my own body to make my mom look bad just because "i'm a delinquent". are you insane? if you see a sad kid covered in bruises why the hell would you assume it was self harm and not a bad parent. honestly people are horrifically stupid.