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Vent Thread


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I think we already have a good things thread, figured this would be a nice outlet for all those little things that piss you off.

I’ll start: when someone holds the door open for you, the polite thing to do is say thank you. I’m a lady person so obviously it’s not being chauvinistic, it’s called being nice to an elderly couple. So next time I’ll make sure to just let the door close in your face


I can't stand it when people are texting all the time. Sometimes they are doing it while crossing the street and other times they are doing it while driving. Once I was having a conversation with a person who was texting while I was talking to her. Seriously, just put the damn thing down for five minutes.


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I can't stand when people in school go around talking about how they cheated, and helped others do so too like they're the most noble person in the world. Some people earned their C+ by studying all night and working hard whie you and your other friends got an A and effectively ruined any chance of either a curve, or a retest after the teach goes over the information on the test that no one knew but you. Basically tests suck


I work retail and so a lot of times I’m either in a hurry to get to work or I’m carrying a lot of shit with no free hands. In the 4 months I’ve lived in Colorado and worked at this mall; 4 people have held a door open for me. None of those times being while I get my leg caught in the heavy storage exit door while holding a box filled with ceramic mugs while I swore and desperately tried to ram my ass hard enough into it for it to open again. People love to stare at me. People who are twice the size of my 4’11 ass and could easily run over to save either the mugs or my fucking leg.
Even when it’s not me getting shit out of storage it’s me running to work holding both my backpack and my lunch. I’ve had so many people let the mall doors swing back into my face and almost make me drop my lunch. People here suck!!!

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Forgive my pessimism but I can't help but feel this thread will be used to attack other members; I hope I'm wrong.

As for one of my little gripes I also dislike when people don't use manners. One of my former teachers is German and she said where she came from people may not seem polite but usually are, so I like to assume politeness is implied here as well. It's nice to feel appreciated, though...


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Imma vent about venting.
Installing house vents/airducts is a hella pianfull job you are on your feet from anywhere from 8-12 hours shifts, then you are basically on a ladder 75% of the time. The sheet metal that is used in the vents is razor sharp, I would end up with 15 cuts on my arms by the end of the day.


Smudge and arrogant
People who can’t follow their own ideals they try to force on everyone else.

The republican who thinks you aren’t worth a damn if you don’t have a strong work ethic, yet is the laziest employee at their job site.

The liberal that claims everyone is a racist that is a racist themselves.

Shit like that.
Malcolm X himself even said that the liberal white Northerners were some of the most racist fucks


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Not gonna make this a long one as I have a lot of things I can vent about.

Have people twist your words into meaning something they do not and/or put words in your mouth.

People who can't fucking separate understanding and agreement. You do not automatically agree with something just because you understand it.

Game companies and the tech industry slowly dying out because of little to no real innovation in the field. Same garbage over and over.


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Please, please stop treating public bathrooms as if they're not your problem. If you go to pee, lift up the toilet seat first so as to avoid forcing people to clean up your pee. CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESSES
And wash your hands when you're done.

I get sick every time I go to my college and I'm sure people's lack of hygienic practices doesn't help. I also tire of walking into the bathroom only to see someone's pee on the toilet seat.

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I hate you all
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Am I doing it right senpai? V:


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I can't stand it when people are texting all the time. Sometimes they are doing it while crossing the street and other times they are doing it while driving. Once I was having a conversation with a person who was texting while I was talking to her. Seriously, just put the damn thing down for five minutes.

This is very annoying. On campus where I work, it's pretty much all texting, all the time. While walking, you pretty much have to dodge getting run into, by these hoards of oblivious, texting zombies. Ah, well, as an old man, one day I shall buy a very sturdy cane such that I can knock these phones from their hands and smash them to bits! :p Well, by then, they will probably have implanted them in their brains, or what remains of them...but I can whap those, too!

*grumble, grumble*
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Smudge and arrogant
When the bus driver doesnt stop for you... Public transport in general is a pain in the ass, having to rely on it every day like me is even worse. :mad:
I used to TARC it everywhere. Even in big cities the schedules don’t run nearly as long as they should. How long til the next route?


Smudge and arrogant
Okay so long post.

We’re supposed to set our other managers up for success. That means having your shit done for day shift so night shift doesn’t have to fucking pick up the slack. We matched them in sales with half the fucking people. I have a knot the size of a goddamn goose egg on my head bc I cracked it against the wall when I slipped from running too fast. (Nonslip shoes wouldn’t have helped in my particular situation so inb4 “you should have”). This happens all the goddamn time but I’m the villain bc I get fucking stressed and customers are actually fucking CONCERNED and reaching out to my bosses. That should fucking tell them something. I can’t keep fucking doing this mang