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I'm obnoxious
*if this isn't the place for me to post something like this, I'd appreciate you telling me so I can take it down*

I have such a good life, and yet I'm so miserable. I'm too stupid to realize the good aspects of life, and I can't even remember exactly what reality is or the point of it. It's like being trapped in a body fighting to live, with a mind that wants to die.
Someone, I don't care who, I don't care who you are, please. PLEASE help distract me from this. Anything, anything you'd like to do. As long as it'll help distract me from the horrible feelings of hatred. DMs or here, don't care.

Please tell me if I should take this down.


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Sounds like you're having a rough time. For me, one of things I do when my brain goes a lil' bit too far on its own is just drown myself with music. Silence allows your brain to wander, and sometimes it doesn't come back where you want it to go. Otherwise, try some YouTube videos

I always recommend Hot Ones. They're a great series of videos for a good distraction and are interesting as heck.


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As far as entertainment to keep your mind off things goes, you could try Stumbleupon. It sends you to random websites based on your interests.

There are a lot of YouTube channels I recommend, including Hot Ones ^^^, Good Mythical Morning (wholesome entertainment), D Ali G Show (if you don't mind offensive humor), Steve1989MREInfo (very nice guy with interesting content), Flatbush Cats (kitty rehab, so cute) and iDubbbz (again, offensive).

Hope you feel better soon.


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I know its kind of a cliche, but if you have a good life and you're feeling down then you could try giving back.
I used to volunteer at the local animal shelter whenever I was feeling like garbage and that always made me feel better about myself. Your local hospital is also always looking for volunteers for a variety of reasons. Homeless shelters and food banks could use your help too. Volunteering at a national park could get you in touch with nature or Habitat for Humanity could teach you a thing or two about building a house.
Helping others in need may take your mind off of whatever trauma is haunting you and make you appreciate not just what you have but also what you have to offer.
I know this is easy to dismiss out of hand, but please at least consider it. There are people who could really use your help.