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Hello everybody! I'm new to the furry fandom. Well, not new, but I've been a furry for two years. I've always wanted to be a cervidae but I actually had no idea how my original character would've looked like though. And after two years, since January 2019, I've finally found a very cute design to my original character. I'd love to tell you the backstory of my original character.

Vert 'Verty Werty' was just a totally white cervidae with broken antlers and his messy hair with ear piercings and a nose piercing, who was walking across the streets and then he went near the construction place. He was looking at the hungry construction workers eating their sandwiches on a big, long metal bar and I tried yelling to them to greet them and ask them how they were doing with the construction. The construction place took like a few years to finish with a group of construction workers. Until a worker accidentally cut the rope off the giant pastel-rainbow paint bucket that was about to drop on me. And then the workers ran to the first floor, asking me if I were okay. I wasn't okay but they removed the paint bucket from me and I turned into the most cutest deer with a mix of a pastel rainbow palette and white colour. The construction workers told me I was very cute. And I went back to my apartment, having strangers always looking at my new design. And this is my backstory of my original character. And he makes those adorable facial expressions if somebody else tells him he's cute.

This is who he is supposed to be. He's here to meet many lovely furries and to hang out with them any time.

I'm going to introduce you to Vert.

Vert is from The Netherlands, yes, I'm actually a Dutch furry! Feel free to tell me you're from The Netherlands either! I'm twenty years old. My birthday is on May 7th. If you share the birthday with me, feel free to say! My hobbies are: attending concerts, singing in the shower, photography, cooking, music production and songwriting! And he's into boys! I support all genders and sexualities.
My music genres I really like : Indie Folk, Electronic Pop, Korean Pop, Italian Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Rock, Metal, Pop-Punk, and Electronic Ambient.
My other likes about me: eating all kinds of pasta (except spaghetti) and Brussels Sprouts, watching comedy shows, hugging people, and watching Disney movies and horror movies and eating ice cream.
My dislikes about me: bullying, eating pancakes, heatwaves, clowns, and meanies.
His personality is supposed to be cute, colourful, friendly, kind, nice, shy, embarrassed, awkward, nervous, anxious and happy! He's an introvert and a feminine boy.

This is all I want to say to you guys! And thank you for the welcome messages! I appreciate it!

Feel free to check out my new Furaffinity profile:
Userpage of VertyWerty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Staff Dragon
Welcome to the forums! Lots of neat character details there. I enjoy what you have there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us. Conversations are always open!

Enjoy your stay here and enjoy posting!


Welcome to the forum fren, hope you have fun posting in here with us
Yay, another deer! Welcome!