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Very slim fursuit ;3


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Try performing a search on the mainsite for 'slim' or 'tight-fitting' fursuit. Many fursuit makers have accounts, and many fursuiters provide links to them.


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The suit in question was made by Winfox (IIRC). However, he doesn't really do commissions, I don't think. My suggestion is to look around at fursuit makers, see if they do form-fitting suits (check their gallery), and ask them if they'd make a form-fitting or skin-tight suit for you. I'd specifically avoid saying "please make a suit like this one", though. It's a huge insult to fursuit makers to tell them to make a suit in the style of another maker.


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I love that suit! It's always been a fave of mine. Good luck finding a maker!


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Most suit makers make suits to fit your body, and will make it how you want. Which is why most require a duct tape dummy, so they can get the shape right.


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Hope you find somebody. I also prefer a more form-fitting look to a bulkier one; I suppose part of it depends on body type, and how comfortable you are with yourself. It's harder to hide any bulk in a slimmer suit, to be sure, but I tend to think they often look better.