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Video game close-calls

i remember I was playing “Killing Floor 2” and this final boss had me pinned against the corner. My health recharge couldn’t be used, I couldn’t moved, and this boss was dishing out the damage. Yet I had my microwave gun and kept the “fire” button on. It was a race to see who would run out of health first. I kept it on while I was panicking, yet alas, he died and I won the game with almost no health left. It was a close call. Has anyone here had close shaves of their own?

Judge Spear

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There were several moments in this stage where I was expecting to have gotten hit like that last large assault craft before the boss, but I ended up completing the stage cleanly (minus the boss as I ran into some of her bullets like an idiot)



My close call was i was playing destiny 2, about to beat the final boss, i ran really low on heath and i was surrounded, and i killed the boss right then. it was very tense..


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In Monster Hunter (particularly old-school MH), you can measure how well you're doing in a quest by how many parts you've broken off a monster. Conversely, you can measure how badly you're doing by how many healing items you've consumed (i.e. no longer in inventory).

Tonight I prepared to take on Akantor, one of the largest things not to be classified as an Elder Dragon. The usual full complement of healing potions, plus everything in the Supply Box (which is stocked for 4 players, but I was hunting solo, so....)

This guy was causing so many ragequits ... I don't have much experience fighting him and I kept getting caught off-guard by his sweep attacks. Nonetheless, I was having the most success with Sword & Shield (over other weapons, like Charge Blade or Insect Glaive) so I stuck with it. (S&S doesn't have any long or complicated combos, so it's easy to cancel out of an attack. Plus, you can use items on VERY short notice, without having to put the weapon away first.)

About 25 minutes into the fight I still have yet to be defeated once (get defeated 3 times and you fail the quest, per standard rules), but I've used up literally all of my healing options save for 2 Potions and 1 Mega Potion. Nonetheless, I've broken claws, chestplate, and lopped off Akantor's tail, so I mentally announce "okay, I gotta save these for my next attempt, for now you'll just have to cart me" -- well, he did. Nonetheless, we came back in fully topped off, stayed in the zone and beat him.
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On a meta level of close calls, back when I used to speedrun games over a decade ago there was one case (Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was the game in question) where the college dorm's fire alarm went off midway through the last level of the game. That attempt turned out to be the successful run AND I still was one of the first people out of the building. (And there was no actual fire that time.)

More recently and more directly in-game, I've had multiple close calls playing a game called Mystic Towers. Let's just say... between the third and fourth stages, the monsters get unusually aggressive and powerful, and when playing the fourth stage for my channel there were numerous times where they SHOULD have cost a life - and yet I finally got through.

....I'm sure to have a better example before long.


The closest call I ever had was against "Emerald Weapon" in FF7 as a child.

He has that f*****g attack with his shoulders hitting 1000 DMG for each materia you're carrying - thus always 9999 DMG = Game Over.
I - as a kid - tried to beat him before he uses that attack.

Well, there was that one really long fight and I had my hopes up - when that attack happened -- and MISSED one of my characters.
I attacked and BAM - first and only victory over that boss.

I had friends watching this and we yelled like animals (x3) afterwards.


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Waaaay more than I can even remember. Most of them I remember are silly or just plain stupid. Suikoden is the worst at it for me as no matter how many blessed times I play that game I'm still getting curbstomped when I'm fighting the zombie dragon...stupid game forcing you to have two worthless characters in your party. :/ I constantly barely squeak out of that one. Same with a lot of the wars...and generally no matter how hard I try I kinda suck at that game...

The funniest though is one time in...Skyrim? It had to have been I was fighting a dragon. Anyway. I was fighting and accidentally mounted my horse and got freaking blasted. Fall off a freaking cliff. Horse dies dramatically. I roll down and am sighing as I pulled a dumb and hadn't saved lately.

I somehow managed to find a spot where my character could stop falling or something? It was tiny as hell. Stand up with 1hp. Needless to say—I saved.

There was also a time in my early minecraft days when ravines were just introduced. I was super stoked, hadn't seen one before. I'm looking down into the ravine and see some lovely ores was totally deciding how to get down to them. Hear that dreaded
and for some reason I impulsively jumped off the damned ravine. The stupid creeper exploded behind me MID AIR and I get flung to the opposite side of the ravine and somehow manage to survive on a single block ledge. Talk about having your heart in your throat.


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in skyward sword, 2nd silent relam, got the last tear, was relieved i was almost done but i got caught by a ghost right after, then i kept running toward the goal, RUNNING OUT OF STAMINA TWICE but i still made it to the goal somehow, MY HEART WAS POUNDING.....