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Video Games Where You Can Play as the Bad Guy!!!


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The Legacy Of Kain comes to mind. Blood omen in particular.

Die, get resurrected as a vampire, get revenge on your murderers, plunge an entire world into a dying state! Fun times. Also. Released back during the time vampires were allowed to be cool.

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Overlord. It was a nice fantasy based game with strategy elements and decision making. I had a lot of fun playing it back in high school.


Stray Cat Terry

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This one might need some disputes, but for me, Yakuza (Like a Dragon) series were impressive.
I can't be certain that the protagonist is a 'hero', and I like that approach of the designers. UwU


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I've seen quite a lot of great ones on here, some great obscure ones too! Like Live A Live and No Heroes Allowed which is awesome see other fans. Let's see, well Disgaea is definitely one of my favorite series where you play as a "bad guy" Of course the main characters still have a sense of justice and do the right thing in the end, but since they're demons they usually do some pretty scummy and shitty things to other characters, especially Prinnys. There's Hotline Miami where you play as a mob hitman, Katana Zero too except replace mob with government. Crawl is a good one, a 2D multiplayer action dungeon crawler where players try to kill the one human as monsters and bosses. Bloodstained Curse of the Moon has the true final boss be the first character you took control of. I have plenty others but this is already a paragraph lol


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well there's carrion,where you get to be a cute lil ball of flesh-eating flesh lol
and Christmas massacre by puppet combo, where you are a little boy named i think it was timmy or jimmy, and you basically slaughter a nun school and characters from other puppet combo games.
played both, both interesting games tbh. a little weird, with weird endings, but worth the try.