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Video Games With Your Significant Other


Autumn the Squirrel

To say that my most recent breakup was a rough one would be a massive understatement as the reasoning behind it was much worse than simple arguments. I do, however, have many positive memories associated with that relationship with one of those being the few times we played video games together.

I remember us playing Halo 3 splitscreen coop one day and playing through the first mission of the game. It was such a small thing, but thinking back to it reminds me of how much such things can matter. We were just playing a video game, but I got to share something I enjoyed with the most important person in my life.

Does anyone else feel this way?


Yeah, I used to play a lot of Pandemic's Star Wars Battlefront with my ex gf years ago, we played in her house after school and some time later I bought the second game, we played it in my home and it was super fun.

Eventually we broke up and lost contact over time, haven't heard about her in years.
Hope she didn't buy the new Battlefront games, they suck

David Drake

Representative of Naboo
I kept trying to forge these kinds of things with my ex, but it never stuck because our tastes ran so different (and she flat-out hated 90% of what I was into to the point where I couldn't even bring it up in front of her which, while not anywhere near the main reason, was still a contributing factor as to why she is now my ex).

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
Absolutely. :3

Me and my boyfriend love video games..He's into the more realistic stuff like Red Dead, COD..but I'm a Nintendo nerd who loves Pokemon and classic N64 games..

The best times we have are when we play....fortnite...We always have a Ton of fun.

Idk if anyone's into football, but since my family loves the Saints, I got a saints outfit in Fortnite..in the game, I got killed by a Cowboy..and he got shot by a Redskins player..I nearly died from laughter :D


Lady Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo
Of course! There are a ton of games in my collection that always give me feels because I associate them with an old flame. I can't play DMC: Devil May Cry without thinking back to my high school boyfriend when we used to pass the controller every time one of us finished a section or died. Playing Halo still makes me angry at the asshole who scratched up my copy right before we broke up. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood makes me long for my freshman girlfriend.

When gaming is something you love, sharing that with another person can be amazing. It's not just beating levels or killing bosses, it's spending time together doing something that makes you both happy. It's letting someone else in on my weird obsessions and having that treated as something completely normal and fun and worthwhile. And that means a whole heck of a lot.