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video games

Are the newer video games better then the older ones?

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Better then ever!! ...Right?
Better graphics, a lot more cheesy...

Overall, they are not better, but nor are they much worse.


Really, depend on which one. And what you like overall.

Some old game cannot be beaten by new game, and never will, but some new games can be a blast, better then some of the old classic.


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Classic games focus more on plot and somewhat character development

Newer games focus more on graphics sometimes, and either one of two things suffers from it, either character development, or plot development, or sometimes both

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I think newer games are improving, but sometimes lack tangible storylines and character development, like Willow suggested.


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Depends on the game.

Platformers have improved, same with sandbox games. 2d platformers have pretty much vanished though. Hallelujah.

'Perfect family playing a Wii' type games have become worse, as in they have become popular.


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Terrible question. Some are, some aren't. They're about the same as they always have been.


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The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time for the 64 will never be out done. It was just to awesome.


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well, back then the situation was very similar in my opinion.
there have been a ton of REALLY bad games and movie adaptations opposed to a small fraction of really really good titles during the time of the NES / ATARI 2600 / etc. and its still the same today.
the problem is see though is that the focus shifted from plot and character developement to the eyecandy...
on an 8-bit system you cant really impress people with your graphics, your game is pretty much bound to look like shit, no matter how hard you try. so the only way to impress the player was by presenting a good plot and awesome and memorable characters!
today you have awesome visuals and mostly lame plots and flat characters...
but there are still REALLY good games today which have the best of both worlds and that makes me happy^^

The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time for the 64 will never be out done. It was just to awesome.

IMHO ocarina of time is one of the most overhyped games ever^^ it IS awesome but its not THAT awesome! i had way more fun with different games

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The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time for the 64 will never be out done. It was just to awesome.

It (along with Pokemon) was my childhood. It's shaped my interests and art...

I think we might be biased, though. Nostaliga makes everything seem more awesome than it is.


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It (along with Pokemon) was my childhood. It's shaped my interests and art...

I think we might be biased, though. Nostaliga makes everything seem more awesome than it is.

Yes. Also, you tend forget the bad games over time which makes it seem like there were fewer bad games for the old systems, while there is crap on the shelves that you see daily. It influences your opinion a bit.


As far as eye candy, yes. But for quality of game play? HELL NO.

I'm sorry, but you cannot tell me that a game like Modern Warfare 2 has superior game play than a classic like Deus Ex, Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament.

I think gaming has taken a sharp drop in quality in the past few years, and it doesn't look like it will improve any in the near future.


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Because generalizing is always a good idea...

There are just as many amazing new games as there are older ones. People seem to forget the huge amount of crappy games on older systems.


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I think its equal. There are classics, as with anything, that can never be outdone in terms of what they mean.

However, some of the new games have massively increased in size and scope. A PS1 game can't really have the epic soundtrack and lipsynching of the newer games.

Back then though, it was much more important to focus on gameplay than graphics, acting and other things that we worry about today. Its like any other media.


Depends, but as a general rule, yes.

Yeah yeah, some old farts gunna get in here and bitch about nostalgia and talk 'bout how back in the old day they had to walk uphill both ways 12 miles just to play pong and were damned happy about it, but honestly, fuck that. If you can play fucking Frogger for as much time as I play Battlefield Bad Company 2, you SERIOUSLY need to consider getting a life... or at least finding out who the fuck lobotomized you.

Also, inb4 "amount of time to play =/= quality." Fuck you, it sorta does. The time someone spends doing something USUALLY points to how much they enjoy it. I like fapping, so I do it a lot. I don't like shoving nails up my ass, so I don't. I get bored of pong easily, so I play it for a few minutes tops. I fucking love L4D2, so I play it until my eyes glaze over.

Now that I have you all nice and pissed off though, I suppose I should list exceptions.

Halo Combat Evolved > Halo 3 and Halo 2
Call of Duty 4 > Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty 2 > Call of duty 3, Modern Warfare 2, World At War and possibly even Call of Duty 4 (It's a close call between 4 and 2, really)
Bioshock > Bioshock 2 (though granted a lot of it is because of repitition of the first game)

Plus a bunch of other ones that people are going to be reminding me of for the rest of this thread.

But before you rain the h8 down on me, consider this:

Would you rather play Battlefield Vietnam, or Battlefield Bad Company 2?
Gunna play L4D2, or you happy with that Dead Rising?
You got Mass Effect right? Don't shit me, you liked the second one more.

And don't shit yourself, it is NOT just the graphics. If took doom or something and boosted the graphics to shit-your-self realistic, people would be like "What the fuck? Running down a corridor? What is this bullshit? It's so fucking liniar." You tried to pull gameplay like that today and it would get BEAT THE FUCK DOWN.

As for plot? Well gee, as fun as it is to stomp shit to save a princess who is WAY TOO TRUSTING, I'd really rather wage epic warfare for nothing less than the very survival of democracy. Sorry. And you can keep your little anonymous 4 pixel motherfucker with no name, I think the born soldier whos personality and actions are chosen by me and me alone is MUCH MORE COMPELLING.

But fine, if you really like old games, that's fine by me. You can go play pong. Imma be pwning some bitchass n0obz and saving the goddamn human race.

PS: Goddamnit Pliio8, your AV is making me gay. Stop that. >=|

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I used to be good at older sports games. I suck at the newer ones. Some old favorites of mine are:

Jet Moto I and II
need for speed II
Nascar 98
NHL 97

Stargazer Bleu

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I liked the older better.
New ones are still great fun to tho.

I miss older RPGs.
Where it didnt lead you by the hand and put you where you needed to go. Or have a compass to pin out exctaly where to go.

Also some older rpg had more complex dungeons. More levels in some dungeons too.
Less save points.

A lot of games have so many save possibilites it easy to restart just a few steps back.


It's all been going downhill since the demise of Commodore.


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Overall, the old games are better, but some new games are decent.


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For the most part? No, I think modern games aren't any better than older ones. However, this is not to say they suck: They have some of the best visuals, the most powerful soundtracks, and so on.

That, IMO, is the catch: The focus now is not "What can we do to make this story epic", it's "What can we do to make this story feel epic." While I can state tons of game songs that I like, it's a slim few that I can actually hum / remember off the top of my head: I can remember songs from games I haven't even played for practically a decade, and yet I can't hum songs from games I played just a few months / years ago. While music isn't everything, that's an example of what I mean - the games are meant to mimic epic well enough that they're still played, instead of taking the extra effort to actually be epic to keep being played.

Personally, I don't mind the rise of Wii-like games. I'm more bothered by the fact that two things seem to be on the rise:
1) jRPG's. The wRPG market is stagnating, and - while they are often just cranking out the exact same thing but with a palette swap - jRPG's are still going. I don't mind jRPG's too badly, but when the market is practically becoming dominated by such I weep for the days of Baldur's Gate and Soul Reaver (well, alright, it wasn't solely a Western RPG, but it was predominantly such - especially if you count Europe as Western and not just there).
2) Shooter games with "We'll give you special features" implementations. There's other ways to make FPSs more interesting than allowing you to run silently, or shoot fire from your hands. Like, I 'unno, having a plot that isn't crap? Don't get me wrong, you can make fun plotless games (Serious Sam). However, if you're trying to pass off your plot as literary gold (Looking dead at you, Halo), then I expect a plot that is better than a polished turd. Worse yet, people seem to see "Ooh, I can now run 1.25 faster in online games" as a sign that the game is infinitely superior to its predecessors. Er, no, it's not.


For the most part? Nngh. I'm gonna really have to go with the golden oldies here, given that I spent a portion of the afternoon trying beat my Super Punch Out time attack scores. Nick Bruiser in 48 secs? Done.

I was raised on Nintendo and have always found meself replaying your NES, SNES and 64 cack from back in the day, but every now and again some big current-generation game manages to capture my interest for a week. I remember the Halo 3 beta. Played that on my flatmate's xbox non stop, bought an xbox of me own for the full version, flogged the xbox a month later. Bought another xbox since, Halo'd it up again, sold a month later. Ironically, I spent most of my time on it playing ruddy PAC MAN.

TL;DR I'm epic mint at Super Punch Out