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Videogame Confession thread


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I recreated Micheal Jackson in Sims 2 - I spent about an hour getting the nose right.I built him this huge ass mansion with tonnes of crap in there and had him wear crimson-red silky pajamas everywhere. I walled off the toilets and isolated him within his massive mansion, eventually resulting in extreme depression and constantly urinating himself. Eventually, when it became just too much for him and he was within death's grasp I would bring him back, only to do it again. And again. And. AGAIN. He never aged, and couldn't die. Forever trapped in an endless pit of misery and suffering.I can't believe my 14 year old self used to do that...
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Before I could buy any games from the Phoenix wright series (which was years ago), I would watch full walkthroughs of it on YouTube, and attempt to "play" it from there.

After buying the games many years later, I did all in my power to forget my previous experience with the series on YouTube (sadly, I wasn't entirely successful).

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Before I could buy any games from the Phoenix wright series (which was years ago), I would watch full walkthroughs of it on YouTube, and attempt to "play" it from there.

After buying the games many years later, I did all in my power to forget my previous experience with the series on YouTube (sadly, I wasn't entirely successful).

I did this for the first few cases in the first game myself


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i confess i spent 3 hours unfucking my Skyrim save today. it's at the point now that if i add even the tiniest mod to my list, the whole install bursts into flames and i have to spend my whole day trying to put it out. i spent over 3 hours tweaking and testing to finally play...for 15 minutes.


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I confess that every 2 years I get an intensely strong urge to play Diablo 2: LoD. I'll go play it near non-stop for about a month or two grinding for pants, become extremely rich by the game economy's standard, and then all at once suddenly get bored and wander away from it. Leaving my account/characters/wealth/friendships I got on there during that period to expire. And then 2 years later I'll do it all again

Its the only game I can't escape from and keep coming back to.


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In Fallout 1, when I discovered you could click "Ask about" in the dialogue box and type in anything you wanted, I spent several minutes entering profane things that unfortunately yielded no amusing results


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I saw a vampire in Skyrim tonight and ran the opposite way like a little bitch. I just can't get down with the sickness.


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I play 'shadow of the colossus' at the end of every year (Big whoop)
SotC is an awesome game. The world needs more like it. Still waiting for Last Guardian.
i replay Earthbound every winter. ...or at least i used to. The last two years i haven't done it. i really need to. Still hoping the Mother4 team keeps their deadline for "winter '14" too.

Confession: The ending to Earthbound makes me tear up every time and Mother3's last 20 minutes had me crying like a bitch. -a blubbering, sobbing, blanket clutching, cocoa sipping, fully grow man-bitch.


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I only actually own a handful of games, if that. Everything else is just bummed and borrowed off of friends, family, and boyfriends. Who needs to buy a $1,000 gaming laptop or get a steam account when I can let someone else buy it and just use theirs indefinitely? It's really quite frugal. Out of everything, gaming turns out to be the least expensive habits/addictions I have.

I play Dark Souls I and II, not as rpgs, but as the world's most hardcore dress up simulators. Honestly, I could spend 3 hours just playing with the character creator from II alone. Fashion Souls for life!

I have never played Pokemon in any way, shape, or form and I never will.


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Ask my boyfriend.
His life choices. Not mine.
Also, it shouldn't count as a laptop. It's like 30lbs.

Yeah, that's how "gaming" laptops tend to go.

Specs, battery life, and portability: pick two.


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Also they're generally more expensive than a desktop with the same spec, if I'm not mistaken. And even then a custom-built set is cheaper than that.


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I put a good £60-70 into a Digimon MMORPG and regret nothing.

I don't play any more, but I still regret nothing.

That game was THE reason I got a laptop with decent specs on upgrading. And for that, I definitely don't have any regrets because that laptop was so damn good.


What DOES my username mean...?
i want a tiny (netbook-ish) mid-range gaming laptop i can use for Photoshop and old-school emulation. i got an ACTUAL netbook a few years ago that ran Photoshop and Open Canvas pretty well but couldn't run ZSNES well enough to use graphics filters or anti-aliasing. Which is hilarious because i built a laptop of my own out of spare parts in 2000 that could run every game and graphically maxed-out emulator i threw at it but couldn't handle more than the teeniest of vectors in Photoshop. My "crap-top" broke down around 2004 and i only had the Netbook for about 2 weeks.

i wanna play vidja games and draw in my car again! 'twas a short lived fantasy before i realized the laptop was stolen.


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I bought Villager Spawn Eggs in the Minecraft server that Funky3000 is an OP in. I used them to make an underground village where none of them can ever escape because I also fenced it in. =]

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I spent so much time using the console to debug mods, often to turn god mode one to bypass something I broke that I sometimes reflexively cheat when something seems off. Then immediately reload.


I spent 4-5 years of my life with the WarCraft III:TFT campaigns and map Editor. I used to create crazy custom heroes and abilities without knowing what DotA or a MOBA is and put them in made up scenarios. That game pushed me through most of middle school and high school and I played it on a customized 2002 Pentium 4 which still works fine today.
Now I only play RPGs like Dark Souls 1+2, Diablo 2:LoD, Path of Exile and Skyrim. I always play offline because I've got a bad connection (PoE is online only, I only play it at home where my net is stable, not in the dorm I currently live in). I usually play in a very defensive way with low damage builds, glass cannons are just not my thing unless you can roll frequently out of danger (which I consider as defensive play style). I always choose what seems morally correct, especially in games like BioShock that demand such choices. I can't harm a fly in real life, hardly in a game. I always make 1-2 characters per game that are very dear to me and I kinda secretly love them. And I've used cheats and consoles in almost every game whenever I could, except Dark Souls. I used them until I actually figured out how things get done.


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I hate war/strategy games. I just don't get the attraction. I like to call them "Looking at maps" games.

I think the N64 is really overrated in general.


I want to un-play Daggerfall, Torment, Fallout, Iron Throne Baldur's Gate, Grim Fandango, System Shock, Witcher, both Arkham batmans, New Vegas, Gothic, Deus Ex, even Morrowind so I can enjoy their great story and climate once again. Knowing game industry... apart from possible few low budget games that will most probably escape my attention... welll... in the next year there might be Witcher 3 and nothing else. I don't really play games right now, well, I always prefered books over them, but from time to time I really enjoy to sink myself in the fictional world that actually is, at least to some extent interactive. And interesting game with multiplayer? I don't even dare to ask that.

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i'm an unabashed "nintendo gamer". i owned a ps2 once. any other game that i have ever played that is not nintendo was either thru a friend or on my pc.

everything else i have not experienced for myself.

honestly i think gamer is even a strong word. i play games.

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Whenever I get an egg in a Pokemon game, I feel like I have to drop everything and wait for it to hatch.