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Videogame Fan Music


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Not sure if this should be in three frags for the game focus, or in the tube because it's about music, but I'll put it here in three frags for now unless an admin moves it if need be.

Anyways! Fan art, lots of folks make it for their favorite games. But some folks also make fan music, and some of it is quite good. So, I ask you my fellow gaming fuzzies, what are your favorite game based fan songs?

To open, an amusing song about the annoying as fuck (and yet somehow still loveable) Silverfish from Minecraft.



These guys covered my favorite battle theme of all time. Not bad!



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Wait, do you mean videogame inspired music made by fans?

If so the whole ZREO team is amazing

And some lindsay sterling

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer


I have a music project on Youtube, menwithmachineguns, that does nothing but video game covers/remixes. Some of the games include the Earthbound/Mother series, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Doctor Who and plenty more to come (with 2 FREE albums coming out at the end of this year, though I badly need to get some more subscribers before I release them!)

Here's two of the most recent ones I've done that I'm very pleased with. :)

Promise (Remix), from Silent Hill 2.

Song of Storms (Remix), from Ocarina of Time!

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer


6150 rpm and spinning.
At the risk of thread necromancy, I felt this utterly amazing song inspired by Mass Effect needed to be posted. Few songs have every made me teary. This is one of them.



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I'll just leave this here:


(part 2, part 3)

MaSu is awesome.

Also, never heard of the band behind this one before but this Metal Squad is pretty freaking awesome.


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Dude, people, Protomen.

Anyway this made me smile a lot when it first came out:



Also, not sure if this counts but when I first heard this, I wanted to fucking cry and squee like a boyband fangirl at the same time.

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