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Blue Orca
Furry and non-furry videos. Videos of nature and newer videos of how I created my sculptures of non and non-furry creations.

I actually joined YT in 2011 and uploaded 7 videos. One was from my best friend about electronics, he is a 'genius' at creating things electronically. The other videos were of nature and some being weird. Like a Cardinal male constantly 'attacking' a window, he was seeing his reflection in the window thinking it was an intruding male. Recently I got back into YT and began learning on how to use YouTube. Also, I needed to learn how to edit my videos and how to create videos from my photos. I would take photos of the work I created with clay but only recently started taking videos while I make sculptures. A learning process for everything involved with this YT craze. I'm in the process of making and uploading videos I am creating from my photos and will soon be able to upload the videos I actually make while creating a sculpture. One step at a time.

I do appreciate positive comments and helpful criticism.


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