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Videos that cheer you up


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Now and then all people feel down, unhappy, lack of enjoying things, or just upset about something. Sometimes a simple, heartwarming video, can make you feel much better.

I'd like to see videos that you've seen that made you smile.


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Chipflake's videos tend to do it for me if I'm too sad to watch anything "hyped up".
They have a very chill attitude and a calm voice that just works, you know?

Here's two examples:

If I need energy or just something more active, JadenAnimations is nice too.

As you might be able to tell...I like animation stuff.

Netanye Dakabi

people call me queen
the one where the cheese bites that guy who was told to eat the worm for the camera


kleptomaniac for knowledge
Bo Burnham's "welcome to the internet" video, or any of Zillion Ross's WDIFT? (Short for; Why Did I Film This?)


Will accept free hugs and tummy rubs.



There's something about cats grooming another animal/human or being groomed themselves that I find so soothing. Same thing with cats suckling on someone's ear, neck, or nose. It's so adorable and comforting to hear the sounds and to see the bliss on their faces. Don't judge me. lol