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Hobbyist Artist
Hello, hello! I'm happy to announce that I've just opened up my official commission shop!
I specialize in digital chibis (human/anthro/feral) and offer my normal style as well as several different YCH options.

- - -

WILL DRAW: OCs, canon characters, you/your significant other, pets, any gender couple, oc x canon, minor blood
WON'T DRAW: NSFW, fetishes, mecha, hateful material, sensitive themes, canon x canon, certain fandoms (ask)

> > Click here to visit my shop: shade-commish.weebly.com < <


Visit the link above for further examples and info on prices/etc.

If you're interested, feel free to PM me or comment here!!~ <3
You're also free to contact me via any means listed on my shop's website. ^

Thanks!!~ <33

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