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Request: Viper girl (redux)

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
So, I'm reposting this because I realised I didn't put any ref images in. Note: None of the images are mine, and belong to their respective owners.

A tall, busty viper with a deep grey, almost black coat, and a slightly lighter underbelly. She has two dark-ish green, glowing biohazard symbols, one on each shoulder. Her markings all glow this same green, and she has a line following her underbelly that glows as well. Her tail has cybernetic-like markings that split into three lines upon getting close to her tail's tip, which is glowing as well. She also has three lines that go from her inner thighs to her outer thighs that start out thick, but eventually thin out once reaching her outer thighs. Her eyes glow this same green as well. (First pic is underbelly example, second is biohazard symbol, and the last is her tail) (The green is lime green, which is 65, 163, 23 for RBG, #41A317 for Hex, feel free to brighten it if you feel it's too dark)