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Visual Kei

Lillie Charllotte

Utsukuchiku no yagi.
Visual Kei, anyone?
Any inspired by any of it?
I likes the aesthetic, and I am inspired by it. Although the music holds little appeal to me for the most part, not dark enough.

Lillie Charllotte

Utsukuchiku no yagi.
Guh, try Dir En Grey, Mucc, D'spairsray and NoGod as bands.
Dir en Grey did that one song I like, Obscure I think, but they're still not really as dark as I like in music, even their newer stuff. I shall look into these other bands now.
Some of Mucc's songs start out pretty cool like Dai kirai and Zetsubou but they all seem to devolve into typical J-rock chord progressions and it kills the atmosphere for me.
I like D'espairsRay's use of synths in songs like Maze and Forbidden. I like this band, seems like they do best with faster, more upbeat songs. Good for when I'm in a good mood, I shall have to look into finding some of their CDs.
This is probably my favourite Japanese band right now, I wish they would move away from the Hellhammer/Celtic Frost influence a little more and maybe add some reverb to her harsher vocals, as well as mixing them just a little quieter. They seem a bit too caught up in the 80s aesthetic, but they're just so cute :3 .


Also song starts around 45 seconds in, don't know what the intro is all about :p .
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I was into VisKei when I was younger, more for the looks than for the music, but that seems par for the course for many VisKei fans.

I am a big fan of Janne da Arc which has its roots in VisKei, but despite moving away from that image, they still have that sort of reputation among the youth culture... I mean a lot of their music is like pop rock synth stuff now D:

I think Acid Black Cherry, the JDA vocalist's current solo project, is supposed to be more VisKei... but I'm not really a fan so much. :x


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I used to like visual kei. When I was 15 I was obsessed with Gackt.

Then I met other visual kei fans.

They are worse than furries. The are SO full of drama.

I also started to like big, beefy men, and most of them vomit pocket at the sight of any kind of body hair or muscles.