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Voice actors needed for amateur Adventure Game


New Member
Hello there people...

My name is Sebastian. On my spare time I draw, hang out with my girlfriend, train MMA but I also do point-and-click adventure games. If you would like to see the style I make them in then check out the pictures I have on my account at Furaffinity.net


I am currently working on a game called Noir Furrytales Chapter I and I thought that this time I'd add a few voices to it as well to give it a bit of flavour. The game will be a dark one and is intended for young adults and adults so some lines might be quite hardcore, just so you know.

If you are interested then contact me by PM or here and I will answer any questions you might have.


Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
I'd be in but i am a bit rusty as is


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Well, the game is still in pre-production so you will have plenty of time to wrok on that. I'll keep in touch if you are really interested.


Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Well I am intrested enough that if a role or two appeals I''d give it a shot


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
I guess I could. I've done it once before, but it was just me laughing.


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How can you be rusty as a voice actor...?

Anyways, if you need a voice, I could help =] I have quite a wide (male) voice range =]


I act IRL, so I suppose I could probably help.

What exactly do you need from a voice actor?


Get Out of Here S.T.A.L.K.E.R!
I think I can help, little rusty though.


I might be able to help...
I act in real life, but my voice is highish...

Catilda Lily

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that sounds pretty neat. it would be something to add to a resume or portfolio.


Squirrely Gurly
Hm. I could try it, I've done this a few times actually. PM me if you want to know more or whatever.


I will be able to barrow some professional equipment in about a month or 2 from my course in live production. So I might as well give it a go (never done any voice acting before). And it will give me some prates working with the equipment (setting up, using est, est)


The Black Kat
tell me whatyou need, and I'll record it. I got a new headset/mic that records and receives in 5.1. you can countme in.