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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) Volatus Arts - Rent Commissions


Disaster [Volatus Arts]
Full Time Artist Offering Commission Slots

Hello, name is Volatus.

I'm offering digital art for my clients and for those looking for a long term artist, i.e a go-to, I am interested. I've done it before with other clients!

I am currently open, and I am comfortable with almost just about everything (as long as I can survive the next day with my art and the pay, heh). I'm very flexible, I'll always barter a price with you, but I ask not to be sold short. I put a ton of effort into my art.

My lowest price is 5, my highest (unless you donate) will be 50.

If you see any discrepancies or input mistakes, let me know, I'd like to fix them. Things can get hectic !

Art Website | Info Pub | ToS

These take longer than regular commissions, be prepared to be patient.- *
Please check the prices >
here<, if this thread has not been active for a while. Prices could've changed.

Icons / Headshots:

Sketch: $5
Colored: $10
Shaded: $15
Paintings *: $20

Sketch: $10
Colored: $14
Shaded: $18
Paintings *: $22

Sketch:$ 8
Colored: $15
Shaded: $18
Paintings*: $24

Sketch: $24
Colored: $30
Shaded: $35
Paintings*: $40


Sketch: $6
Colored: $12
Shaded: $16
Paintings: $20

Pixels (usually 100x100px):
Sketch: $5
Colored: $8
Shaded: $10

Price Ranges (Ref):
Sketchy + Colored: $20
Colored + Lined: $35
Shaded, Flat Version, + Chibi: $50

NSFW Commissions (Anthro or Human only):
Sketch: $20
Colored: $26
Shaded: $30

Feral Page:
Sketch Pages: $30
Lined w/ Color: $40
w/ Shading: $50

Few examples:
headshots of frans.png
NSFW examples and/or more examples can be viewed here, at my FA: Gallery Link

Anyone interested in a long term relationship, please message me via Discord Disaster#8680 OR by Furaffinity @ Sarrynn. I also have an email and will respond to notes here. Thank you!


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Disaster [Volatus Arts]
Feel free to ask questions.



Discord/Skype/Etc. (Real-Time Chat):

Deviantart/Furaffinity/Instagram? (Optional, for tagging):

Do You Agree To The ToS?:

Commission Type?:

What payment method are you going to do?:

Commission Information?:

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Disaster [Volatus Arts]
Bump, with an update:

I'll be also updating the thread with this, but we are sticking around longer, yay? xD

Yay on no eviction, anyways, but rent is now due soon. He did leave a nasty message how my house smells, clean the yard, house and basically get off my rear (even if he hasn't been up here). Regardless, we're gonna stay, pay him rent via his mailbox >.>, close relative or not.

Thanks for checking me out while this may have been happening.