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VR game/app recommendations (Samsung VR + PC)


What DOES my username mean...?
My local Goodwill had a bunch of Samsung Gear VR sets for only a couple bucks so i nabbed one on a whim. When i got home and did some reading i made the pleasant discovery that through some apps, emulation, tweaking and some patience, i can essentially use my new Galaxy S8 en leu of an Oculus Rift or triple-digit headset. it might not be the prettiest but i already have a GeForce 1060 so graphics won't be a problem with phone (under-)performance. Head-tracking and room mapping work pretty much the same way so i think so i should be able to play a ton of VR games on my PC with my phone as a VR display. i don't exactly have any disposable income to spend on games, so does anybody have any good FREE VR recommendations? What about <$10?

There are a few VR painting and modeling apps i've found to play with but since i can use my S8 for my PC's extra display, i can even use Photoshop with it! ...though there isn't a lot of reason WHY but... Whatever, the novelty is pretty cool. i'm sure there's other VR experiences i haven't even thought about, so lay 'em on me! Speaking of "laying"...-err-, uhh, lying rather... i can finally kick back on my bed and watch cartoons with a huge virtual TV above my bed! With my medical condition, this could help A LOT for those extra bad days where i can't easily sit up in a chair!

So what else do i need to have fun? Games? Apps?
Are there any pointers you have or techniques i should try?
Sitting/chair-friendly applications are preferred of course. Medical limitations and all that...


What DOES my username mean...?
Some people also like to use it as a pseudo movie theater.
i certainly will! My back pain can be a waking nightmare on its worst days. Sometimes the only place i can truly be comfortable is flat on my back in my bed. That makes it hard to use a computer or even watch an upright screen. With the virtual big screen i can even play desktop games on my PC or even do some simple Photoshop or typing work in a lying position. Luckily i haven't had an episode lately but tonight i'm going to give the bigscreen/theater thing a whirl and see what i can accomplish. Fingers crossed i might be able to draw too, provided i can map a Wacom!