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Wacom Bamboo can't draw on Windows10??


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This shit is absolutely infuriating!

i finally got around to installing my Wacom Bamboo so i can get back to work on my comics but now my pen doesn't want to work half the time. i upgraded from Win7 to Win10 so i have NO idea what the problem is or how to fix it. The pen seems to work okay half the time; pressure sensitivity works, mapping the proper screen works fine, etc.

i can open a blank work space, scribble some lines and the pen works fine. The MOMENT i save my work or click away from the canvas, my pen refuses to draw. i can hover my cursor over my work space, click on buttons, navigate files, whatever. i just can't DRAW!
if i click on my taskbar and then immediately back to my work space, my pen starts working again like nothing is wrong. i can work for as long as i want, drawing whatever and the moment i click away or CTRL+S to save, my pen stops working again. Again, mouse functions work fine. i just can't DRAW.

"Tablet Mode" is disabled.


you know what, I have never used Windows 10 but this is issue is vague enough that I've had problems like this all the time.

both my Wacom tablets (one is a Bamboo and one is an Intuos, both old) have had issues with Windows. my newer tablet which is a Huion also has issues.
I have never been able to fix these issues 100%. I just have to live with the fact that no matter what I do i will always have a half-working tablet that will randomly stop working, or lose pressure sensitivity.

I think windows is just shit when it comes to tablets. Everyone I know who uses Windows with a tablet has had some kind of problem, and when I was using a Mac my tablet didn't have problems like this.

I am sorry but most likely your issue is like mine - there is no cure, you will probably have to live with it.
however you should still attempt some things that make help. make sure your tablet drivers are up to date. google around and see if anyone else has a similar issue.
if your tablet is a kind that requires pen charging make sure your pen is charged. make sure the USB cable connecting your tablet to your computer is ok, and it may be worth getting a new one and testing to see if that's the problem.


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Wacom Bamboo is considered obsolete now. ( At least the 'fun' is.) They don't make them any more and they are loosing technical support. Mine just stopped working about a month ago, and I had to switch to my new Intuos Draw.