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Wacom Bamboo Capture issue


New Member
Alright, so. My stylus has been acting funny recently and a couple days ago it pretty much stopped working entirely. When i touch the stylus to my tablet, the cursor will move, but it won't draw at all and i can't even click an application with it to open it. When i turn on the finger touch thing it won't even react to my finger touching the tablet, the cursor won't move at all either. I've tried reinstalling the driver for it and that didn't fix the issue.

I ordered a new pen and nibs (in case they're the issue), but the pen is scheduled to be delivered between Feb 13 and March 25, and i'd really like to get this fixed before then.

The tablet i use is a Wacom Bamboo Capture, model CTH-470. If anyone knows what's wrong and how to fix this i'd really appreciate letting me know!