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Wait... there's trophies now?


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Disclaimer: This does not warrant a thread.
But I signed in (after years of inactivity), and I had 13 notifications and they were all trophies.
Technically this is site discussion.

Sooo... this is a thing now?
Why is it a thing? How long has it been a thing?

EDIT: I hAvE a CrIpPlInG aDdIcTiOn FoR xBoX aChIeVeMeNtS...
And this isn't helping.
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Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
Oh it's been a thing before I joined the forum, which I joined back in early 2016. How long? Not exactly sure. Maybe internet archives might give some hints.

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You get the "lived under a rock" trophy! <3


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