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Wanna Color Stuff?


Lovable Dorky Werewolf
Over my years spent lurking in forums for art, I've gotten numerous sketches from amazing artists. Now that I'm on the hunt for commissions, I'd really like to be able to use some of them as references. Problem is, they're all sketchy and not colored. That's where you come in!

I'm looking for people willing to color some sketches for me. None of these were drawn by me, but they all have permission to be colored. I've had these for a while but have yet to get any good coloring for them.

Stuff to color:
Human Alex by audrey - You can remove the rainbow color and solidify the lines
Werewolf Alex by miq - Maybe fix his tattoo
Werewolf Alex by helmsless - High priority on this one
Werewolf Alex sketch page by MayorZak - Cleaning up the sketches is allowed

Reference sheets:
Werewolf Alex (with shirtless refs here, here, and here)
Human Alex

I'd love if anyone would be willing to color these for me! You can pick any one you like and you're also free to do one someone else has already done! I love having options. Note that this is for free though as I don't have money!

Thanks for reading! c:


Lovable Dorky Werewolf
Someo of those would be easy to color in GIMP or with colored pencils.
Sadly, I am not good at coloring. I would much rather let someone else have a go than spend hours on it only to butcher it and give up. Plus this is a chance for people who want to practice coloring to do so. :D
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