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Art Trade: Want a new OC?


Traditional Artist
I'm in the mood to design and want some art of my characters. So why not combine these two?

I will draw a chibi ref like this or this. (You can write what you want included, if you write nothing it's gonna be a front and back view.)

But before I begin, I need some information from you.
1. What species would you like? You can give me as many or few as you like.
2. What gender? Or do you even care?
3. A theme for the character. You can give me as many or few as you like.
4. Feral? Anthro? I don't care?
5. Things you hate in a design.
6. Extra information if needed.

Things I'm not gonna do:
- include NSFW
- cubs

For your half of the trade you can draw any character from the first three folders.
Ringebell on Toyhouse

Many characters have No Gore and/or No NSFW tags. If you still draw them in these situations, you are gonna be blacklisted for every request or trade post I might do.
Otherwise, you can do anything that fits to their personality/setting.


New Member
Species i like: Maine coon cats, Saber tooth tigers, and just regular tigers. (All of them having wings, of course.)
Gender: I don't really care, so you can choose.
Color themes I like: earthy tones with a pop of color, or super bright colors with a dark brown somewhere. But it's totally your artistic liberty.
Anthro please!
Things I don't like in a character: large fades and gradients.
Extra info: if you feel like it, can you add feathers to the end of the tail, and on the elbows??