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Want to draw again after 4ish years of not


Hail Satin!!!
I have been doodling again and I realized how much I missed drawing. I stopped drawing after high school because my writing major and other school stuff took up most of my time. That and my sister broke my tablet when I went back to school last year. I remember drawing really helped with my anxiety as did writing. I think I want to get myself a sketch book and start to learn to draw. I would love to learn more than just drawing the awful anime bullshit I drew in high school. Any one have any good reccomdations for starting to draw again?


Just a Sea Slug
TL;DR: Draw a lot and draw often. Look back at old drawings to see where can you improve and how you can improve them. Watch speed drawing of your favorite artists/style on Youtube, observe their technique.

Oh man, I was in your shoes once except the reason why I stopped drawing after high school was for a different reason.
Speaking from personal experience, getting a sketch book was the first step I took as well. To re-develop my hand and eye coordination I took this sketch book with me everywhere and tried to draw everything I saw. First focusing on people (face, body parts, gestures, etc), sometimes objects, then tried adding the environment to practice perspective. If I was stuck at home I looked up still images to practice sketches on. Months later someone got me a tablet and I practiced on that, too. Every week I revisited my old drawings and analyze them to see what I can do to improve it. First I focused on improving lines/line values and perspective, then shading, then other aspects of the drawing.

My biggest tip is to draw a lot and draw often. It has taken me two years to get to the point where I was satisfied with my drawing skill. It probably would have taken less time if I didn't take a month break here and there due to losing motivation. I like to think that since joining FA I have improved a lot since there are things like art contests to keep me motivated whether I win or lose. I also follow many great artist on FA and use their quality/style of work as a benchmark to see how and what I need to improve.

Also, youtube can be your best friend. Find videos of artist with styles similar to you or want to emulate and if they have commentary even better. For a while I was never quite satisfied with my digital drawings- my style drawn digitally didn't match my style drawn traditionally. Then recently I found a video in which the artist gave the advice of try drawing on a larger canvas zoomed out and avoid zooming in as much as possible when sketching or inking. After trying this out on several sketches it was like BAM! My drawings looked much better and less derpy XD . Now if I can only find some good tips on coloring (color theory, palette, etc.) which is where I am focusing on now in addition to dramatic lighting.

Again, this is speaking from personal experience. Everyone is different, these tips may not work for you but I hope it provided some insight on how you can get back into drawing, again.


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A weird side tip I would have to add to the 'draw a whole heck of a lot' (because that's the basic tip), is to only draw when you FEEL like it. Just as much as trying to make yourself write when it just isn't there, trying to make yourself draw because you have some kind of personal quota isn't going to work either.