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wanted: 2 view ref sheet

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Looking for a nude 2-view (3/4 front, and rear) ref sheet of a new char. Will be full body with a couple of pictured accessories such as collar(s), alternate hair, more depending on the artist. I would like full color either flat or semi-shaded, no background. Char is a Dalmatian, so would prefer an artist with more canine experience.

Cheapest bid gets the commission as long as their FA gallery is of sufficient quality, but i am not expecting the mona lisa here, just a simple ref sheet. Please post here and ill check back every two or three hours. Thread closes wednesday the 15th, 10am GMT-7.


I can offer this for $30, though i dont have many examples of canine work I am fully capable.

my refs look something like this :

other examples of my work:

send me a note here or on FA when its back up, you can also try my AIM if you are interested in hiring me.
thank you for your time and consideration, have a great day!


today feels like plaid
fickensie -- nice samples. Im not worried about the crotch, but the nipples will be covered in one of the sub-views. So far your leading the price curve though

Kittymoo - More good samples, i cant wait for fa to get back up, least im not missing anything while its down :) the ref posted here is along the lines of what im looking for, for other's reference.


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fickensie -- nice samples. Im not worried about the crotch, but the nipples will be covered in one of the sub-views. So far your leading the price curve though

If you could find a way to tastefully, or in some way, cover tid-bits, then that would be fine. xD
For the $20 you would get the two full body views you mentioned and I won't mind drawing the few accessory images/variations.
Thanks for your consideration and good luck!


I may be a little late, but I can do something for you for around $20 and send you the hard copy.
I can't post any of my examples right now due to the sight being down but I can get them to you as soon as it's back up.


My ref sheets cost $15 flat, includes anything you want on it and maybe even shading

here's a link to my commission account on dA so you can see the refs other people have recieved: http://www.limizuki.deviantart.com


today feels like plaid
I may be a little late, but I can do something for you for around $20 and send you the hard copy.
I can't post any of my examples right now due to the sight being down but I can get them to you as soon as it's back up.

there is no 'little late' yet :D as posted, this thread will remain open until wednesday when i pick an artist


today feels like plaid
Limizuki - nice gallery, very glad everyone is finding ways to circumvent FA until its return :) glad to see your canine folder has ferals as well


I would very much like to do this for you. *smiles*
I will do something that is the quality of the image below {Sadly, it is not a furry due to FA being down at the moment. *sadface* But It will give you a general idea of what I can provide for you.}

UPDATE- Here is a furry ref I completed:

But in case you need an example of a nude fur, please check this out:

For something of this quality, I can do it for $18.00. :D
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Ooh, a dalmatian character. <3 That's something new (for me, anyways~). I love trying new things. X3

This is an example of a ref sheet I did a couple weeks ago. It'd be a different setup for you, of course, but for the 3/4 and rear view flats plus the expression captures (can be used for the various accessories/hairstyles you mentioned, too!) it would be $20.
For more examples/other commission info: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/114615-Practically-Priced-Human-Anthro-amp-Feral-Art or http://patenth.deviantart.com

Feel free to PM me here or note me on DA, since FA is down.

Kori Okami

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My references range from $12-$25 depending on what you want in it and if you want it in colored pencil, digital, water color, or marker. Right now I've only had one front to back, nude ref sheet commission which is right here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7338690 and is done in colored pencil. If your interested, send me a note on FA so we can discuss what you want. ^^


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Hi there! I've recently opened commissions again and I'm willing to draw this reference sheet for you.
I don't have - at the moment - reference sheet examples in my gallery, but there are examples of female, canine, fullbody pictures, and we can easily set a price on your commission.
This is my gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mlock (mostly NSFW) and my commission info journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3131480/
I take payments via paypal. If you're interested, please note me at my FA ^.^ I don't come to the forums very often.


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Would I be conceptualizing those myself, or do you already have ideas in mind and I'm just illustrating them?
I have no problem conceptualizing a couple of hairstyles and accessories for the character based
on their description or existing artwork.


http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6333819/ Here's an example of the last ref sheet I did for a male character
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7355451/ A more recent Charcoal female drawing. (Just to show I can draw the female figure)

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4017821/ Lots of doggy pics here

http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/reddyeno5 General Gallery Link

I also used to have a Dalmation myself! Her name was Serena. My goodness those dogs are rambunctious!


1 Sheet - 3/4 front & Rear
1 Sheet - Alternate hair styles (up to 4)
1 Sheet - Accessories (up to 4)
1 Sheet - 3 Expressions (This comes standard with my ref sheets)

Each sheet will be 8" x 10" (nice size for printing)
You'll receive occasional work in progress images via FA or email (which ever you prefer)



I can do $50 at the start of the project and the last $50 after it's done.
If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a note on FA


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*sigh* I'm probably already too late, but might as well throw my hat into the ring....

I can do a ref sheet like this for $10. I have a lot of experience in canines (it's all I ever draw XD)

I don't have a lot in my FA gallery; I can link you both my FA and my DA galleries.


And here is an example of my ref sheets. Actually, my only example. XD


My turnaround rate is pretty high, especially since I have a lot of free time this weekend. If you have any questions or considerations, please note me on DA or FA!

Thank you for your consideration! <3 Happy Valentine's Day~
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