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I'm looking for a couple things. First, a ferret fullsuit with digitigrade. ( milliesketches.deviantart.com: Millie ) There's more pics in my folders. I was looking for quotes under $900. I am under 5ft, 90lbs so material cost should be less than a regular one. I won't be commissioning right away because I need to save up unless it's a good payment plan.

I can offer art too as some payment but I sorta suck.

Also looking for and cheap partials anyone wants to give away. Or just heads. Preferably feminine.

I'm just reallllly excited to be able to go suiting one day and make friends.

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sweet heart, a fursuit is incredibly expensive, and it has very little to do with how much fabric you use, but with the careful sculpting details and patterns, detail sewing and all the artistry that goes into it, your small size can only save you so much money on something like this.
i mean for myself my partials are about 900$
and with art its very subjective what is worth that much money. but the most important thing is that you get an artist that cares a lot about your project and your needs to make sure you get the best you can get.

now that being said there is always the option of hiring someone for an artistic freedom suit, most artists are willing to drop the price when they are catered to!