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Wanting a full-body fat fur pic

Monty Grizzle

Will hug for food
Pretty much what it says in the title really, I'm hoping to find someone who's willing to draw some full-body fat fur art of my fursona. While I am prepared to pay for a commission, hence why I've also posted this ad in the 'sales and auctions' section, I'm also posting it on here in case someone will do it for free.

I'm not overly fussed about the style so long as it's somewhat realistically proportioned while still in keeping with the 'fat fur' theme, I.e I'd rather my fursona look realistically overweight (around 300 or so lbs) than have a comically large and perfectly circular belly.

Preferably I'd like my 'sona to be holding/eating a burger or hotdog while giving either an embarrassed or suggestive expression towards the camera.

These are all the visual references I have:
www.furaffinity.net: My Fat Fursona (Profile Pic) by MontyFatBear
www.furaffinity.net: Monty Grizzle - Ref Sheet by MontyFatBear

I've also posted a character bio on my FA page if that's at all relevant.

I understand this may not interest any of the artists on here but if any of you know of a fat fur artist who is open for commissions please send me a link to their page.