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Wanting FERAL couple art


I'm wanting some couple art for my roleplaying Aussie Character and her beloved who is a chocolate Labrador Retriever.

My characters reffs:

Unfortunitly his character doesn't have any reffs, only a description and a site.
> I reckon you ain't from these parts of the canyon, stranger... Besides the obvious 'canine' attributes, this guy was once raised in captivity, a (URL: www.brix1.webs.com/) domestic, what have you. A compelling piece of evidence was the red and ragged collar; tied tightly around the makeshift Bowline. That unique double - layered sable coat, the colour common for his breed, was only accompanied by a thin strip of white on his chest and barley tickled the tufts of his elbows. A docile monster, for the most part. Calm and collected, considered a loyal friend, or a fickle foe. <3 none, crushing.
I can absolutely do this!
as long as its not adult in nature ^^

I'd love to do a realistic lookin digital painting for you if you want, a dig. paint would run about $30.
Just a inked, colored, shaded dig. pic would run $15.

check my gallery for examples! :3


I love drawing ferals. Please click the paw or any of the links in my sig. Thanks!
Hi there!
I'm interested, you can note me here or email me and we can talk specifics and payment.



His Majesty