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Wanting some art done for my Furcadia character


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I'm looking to find an artist to do up a full body piece for my character, Rosalind Backus

Egads! » RP Repository

Here's her RPR, and all the description that you should need, as well as lots of reference images.

I'm hoping to keep it under $50, flat colour is okay as a minimum. More for less is always welcome of course!



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Hi! I like your character, is rawr!

XD Ambidextrous with gauntlets = dangerous. She would be perfect for a game like Armello Do you know it?

Well, about your hiring: I have some commissions open right now. And i'm currently free. My price is just 10$.

This is an example of my works:



I'm interested, drop me a line if you'd like to take things further.
$45 and a description of the piece you want and it's all yours.

Portfolio Site,
mercenaryartist.artstation.com: Robert Treherne

Your budget would cover a detailed character + costume & props.
General "fullbody" art format (second image).




Note, Discord or Email works,
Email: (MercenaryArt@yahoo.com)
Discord: (MechaMerc #0785)

Thanks for your consideration,
-Robert III


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If you're still looking, my commissions are open! Full body drawings are $35. All of my additional info and examples can be for here


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Hey there! I'm currently accepting commissions, and would love to do some work for you! I absolutely love bear characters, and your girl sounds absolutely amazing!

Here are various links to my DA Stash, FA Gallery, and Art Blog.

And here are my prices! I'll pop some further examples below for you, please let me know how you feel owo/
Prices are listed in GBP and USD, but can be converted into other currency upon request!

Sketch: £6.50 | $9 - £15 | $20
Line: £10 | $13.50 - £15 | $20
Flat Colour: £15 | $20 - £20 | $27
Shaded: £20 | $27 - £25 | $33.50
Chibi: £6.50 | $9 - £25 | $33.50
Background Piece: £35 | $46.50+
Tiled Background: £20 | $27+
Reference Sheet: £30 | $40+



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Hi! I'd love to draw your character! I do SFW fullbody, single character pictures with cellshading and simple background for 20$. Here are some examples: www.furaffinity.net: Ribbons And Hearts (Commission) by valery91thunder www.furaffinity.net: Glasses And Denim (Commission) by valery91thunder www.furaffinity.net: Baiken Carissa (Commission) by valery91thunder
I take payments via Paypal and provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. If interested, you can either contact me via FA note or email, at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it!