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Wanting to draw interesting designs/animal choices! (currently full)


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Hey! So, I know I have the capability to draw a lot of animal types, but I don't actually have any OCs or ideas for the more strange animal choices! I need some folks willing to let my use their characters as guinea pigs/ reference. You get free art and I get some refs to use when looking for commissions! Win win I say! Hit me up with some unique designs or animal choices!

EDIT: Specifically I'm looking for things like avians, repitles, aquatic, and fantasy types. Others are fine too!

EDIT: I have gotten enough requests to do me for now, any more after the ones I wrote down now will not get drawn.
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I have a werewolf character! Not the most unique but he can be drawn more monstrous should you so choose.

www.furaffinity.net: Alex Reference Sheet [Extra info in description] by featherw0lf

I'd like to request his classic werewolf style, so ignore the stuff on the left of his sheet
He makes up for his simple design by having a vivid personality. He's meant to be what a real werewolf would be like, so he's not all complex and magical and all that.
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Here my gryphon if you're interested. Thanks!


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Battle Foxxo

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My girfriend has a unique species, I dont see much of her species getting drawn.
Name:Keerai Ainnea
Sex: Female
Gender: Non-binary (They/Them)
Species: Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger
Age: 18
Height: 5’1”
Approx Weight: 180 (curvy)
Nationality: AMERICAN!!!! (the worst country ever)
Languages: English and ASL
Occupation: Police Officer
Relationships with other characters: Best friend – Zeke Evans | Boyfriend - Foxxo
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Dom/Sub Scale! (10 to -10)[how dom or sub is the character?] -5
Likes: Music and video games
Dislikes (note not just limited to the ones listed): Nazis (I will punch a Nazi in the face every chance I get)
External Appearance - Appearance feature: Fur is light brown, while eyes are dark brown. Hair is long, dark brown wavy hair dyed red on the tips, Kinda curvy like wide hips and a nice ass and little smaller waist. Got those thicc thighs. Piercings: eyebrow, nose (not septum), industrial ear, and 6 other ear. Tattoos: (on left wrist), (on her left ankle), big cherry blossom on her back and right shoulder, a pawprint on her side for every dog she owned
Personality: Kind and shy, tries to always do the right thing but always fucks up, wants everyone to like them. Isn’t kind to herself.
Disabilities, Diseases, and other related things: Depression, anxiety, dependent personality disorder, and depersonalization disorder
Quirky Habits: Is always checking the time
Favorite Color: Purple/Teal
Comments on the Character (mainly the logic behind their creation): I guess like a better version of who I am but still very similar to me
Modes of Transportation: Car or motorcycle
Clothing: Sporty clothes like sports bra, tank tops, and shorts; always with a flannel shirt either as a jacket or around her waist
Inventory: Headphones, sheet music (either blank or when she’s sight reading a new piece), computer, and a pack of gum (trying to stop smoking but failing and always has a backup pack of cigs on her), and two or three pocket knives
Special Abilities: She’s really good with animals

This is how she plans to look like, the species I mean.


Does a nightstalker qualify as a stranger animal?


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Would a golden brushtail possum count as a strange animal?


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Mine is a dragon, I have yet to get a ref sheet but I have a few artworks and a decent description here; Userpage of danje -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I should add that the mouth has 5 "lip spikes", 2 on each side and one in the front as seen in the most recent artwork.


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Yeah, I'm not drawing a character who's concept is "social justice is fake and bad and this dumb female just wants something to complain about" especially not for free. Sorry.
That's a bit much, isn't it? X3

Post appears to be gone. Oh wells.

Thread's baby, Thread's dead.
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