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Wanting to make a muppet version of my 'sona. Any tips?


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Looking for any advice anyone might have in regards to materials and construction plus any suggestions as to websites I could check out showing me how to build a handsona :) My OC is a partially anthropomorphic kangaroo named Zid (of course) and I think he'd look great in puppet form. I've always loved The Muppets and anything Henson and think it would suit my personality more than a suit would. Tips regarding puppet performance and where to go for information about that side of it are more than welcome, too.

Here's my 'sona Morning coffee by ZiddersRoofurry on DeviantArt While he's not as 'roo-like' here as I'd be aiming for I think it gives a pretty good idea of the overall 'muppetyness' already present in his design. :)