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Warframe Spawning


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So the Sisters of Parvos was released recently this week and I'm having trouble spawning my sister. I don't know if it's the bug or if it's hard for me. The lich was easy and simple enough to spawn, kill, and farm. The whole update brought the lich system to a whole new level. I'm trying to farm the Tenet Diplos. That gun looks awesome and the best part of that gun is the tracking. Really want to get it. If there's anyone out there who can help me that would be great. I play Warframe on my nintendo switch.

Firuthi Dragovic

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Oh, uh, sorry I missed this. We usually discuss things like this in the Warframe News and Info thread over in the PC and Console Gaming section of the forums, but I'll see if I can bring a few notes up here.

I can't be of physical help as I'm a PC player, but there are a huge number of questions I want to ask. Such as whether there's a specific element you want, or the nature of this "bug" you mention.

I will tell you that there are a few Frames that can get enough kills to do rank 1 of the Granum Void alone at that level, even without the Xoris (and using the Xoris makes a number of defensive Frames possible for this). I know Mesa is one (the resulting Diplos will be Magnetic-aligned if you use him), don't have a full list of the rest sadly.

I will also tell you that you have to use the highest-tier Crown (the Zenith one) and I wound up getting a lot of those from Sorties that passed through that tileset. I THINK the Hydra or Acheron nodes on Pluto would be your best bet to getting them fairly quickly outside of that.

I... must confess I gave up on getting specific weapons from the Liches and Sisters after two hours trying to get a Lich to spawn one of the Archwing guns. The Tenet Diplos is the weapon my current Sister uses though.