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Warframe Thread



I've seen a couple of people in here mentioning Warframe so I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread to discuss updates, builds and other things

Don't know what Warframe is? Let's me help you:

-What is Warframe
Warframe is a Free2Play game where you play as space ninjas with super powers and crazy guns.
In this game you go through the solar system completing quests and building weapons, warframes and most importantly friendships :)

-What genre is this game
It is a fast paced 3rd person shooter with a parkour movement system and light RPG mechanics such as leveling up and a morality system (only present in a few important missions)

-Is this played online?
Yes, you can play co-op with friends and strangers

-What platform is this game on?
PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

-I'm playing in console, do I have to pay for Gold/PSN/Nintendo Network?
Nope, you can play this game online without paying for any kind of subscriptions

-What's the difference between platforms?
There aren't a lot of differences, PC usually gets updates a few weeks earlier than consoles, but on the other hand console players can use platinum (Premium currency) to buy user created items like skins and other cosmetic stuff

-Wait, premium currency? Is this pay to win?
Nope, everything in the game can be earned through gameplay, even platinum can be obtained by trading with other players.

-Ok, I started playing and now I'm supposed to pick my first frame. Which one should I pick?
Follow your heart and pick whatever you want, all three options are great and you'll get all of them eventually.

If you have any more questions about the game post em in here or PM me if you want.

Now with the tutorial out of the way:
What are you guys farming/building?
I'm currently trying to go trough some of my relics, gotta get some forma and the Akvasto Prime.