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OP makes no sense (did it with images included?)

Someone lock this crap. :p


Most hackers, as is their unwritten code have a series of numerical passwords mixed in with some worded passwords. If, using Microsoft frontpage, you examine the site, crack down a few passwords and get through, the origin of the hacker can be revieled. Chances are a 1 in 650,000 chance that it can be done successfully through FrontPage though.
you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about


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seems herpy administrative have taken down the site and removed the evil stuff.

if you ask me.
heres a site that actually teaches people to hack websites

might be where they learned how to do this


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How about this? The internet needs more security. I mean come on. In the WWW, the government can track down where you go and what you do. Mostly if its illegal.

But man they need internet security or something.


anyone want a hug?
it sounds to me like it was just an ignorant fool that acted in a way that he figures is the only way to deal with things he doesn't understand(not defending him)


I think he just posted a severed Wolf's head in a toilet on OUR site...


Free hugs! ^^
I'm new to this forum.
How much of this drama can I expect?


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All I saw was the comic. I like that comic...


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This wasn't really hacking, it was more cracking. He just found the FTP and because they don't change their password offten he managed to brute force the ftp.

Big deal...

He then just changed around the site to his liking.

A true hacker would of made sure they were screwed, either leaving himself a back door and continue doing it even after they changed it or just kept shutting the site down, redirecting people to his own somewhere filled with all sorts of nasty things.

This guy is just a kid with some spare time....


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That was horrific. I saw it before i even noticed the post here.

Someone.... ugh... I can't understand some people.


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Sadly Norton will continue to be on the market, when all their money is made through their Business versions at well, business'.

Even though the consumer versions blow and do a TON more bad rather than good. Poor ignorant fools that use it....


Then do I have just the program for you!

Oh please......Peter Norton is dead and burried under one of my server farms. :twisted:

www.avast.com is what all the kewel net admins are running. :razz:

(the home eddition is free too!)
Due to Curiosity, i went lurking the Interwebz to see who may have hacked that site with Dead animal images, and i found the source a day or so ago:

Anonymous, and no, not of the well known (insert chan here site)

many know of, Not the E/b/aum your thinking.

its the 2nd rate known one.

with less users.

i saw it on on there /b/

but the thread regarding the herpy website defacing is deleted, due to being old and junk, and deleted due to being marked as old.

so yeah, old news is old, and the kiddy scripter got away with defacing the site, so yeah, he is long gone, and unknown.

i had a feeling it was a job done by some anonymous dude.

and it turned out so, when i lurked moar on the interbutts, but the thread was marked as old, so its no longer up.

So yeah, nothing can be done, whats done is done, and retaliation would be a retarded idea, and a bad one, for many reasons...but lol, theirs no identity to who did the simplistic defacing of newfag troll craftsmanship.

so its over, it happened, and nothing can be done, best to let it die down, and maybe the herpy site owner can fix the vandalized site of his, that some /b/ tard with Lulz motives did the defacing on.

best to let it die down, so more fire isn't fueled in.

i will do my part, in likely not replying in the thread after this, so it can be dissolved, but i just wanted to share that is all, but not continue beating a dead horse of a incident here on the forums.
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