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Wat make u lol?


^ That definately made me "LoL"



Spumco cartoons, old MGM cartoons, Lewis Black, Stephen Colbert, David Cross, Three Stooges, Shintaro Kago...and my fwwwiends.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nothin' make me lol, guiz this thread fail

All hail the great name of LULZ
And I lulz at furries, drama and tampons


I lulz massively at ED, Wikifur at times, furries, drama and most rant threads on here. And I thought I could rant.. *laughs*


yeah because I wanna see why they were banned. XD


greg-the-fox said:
Banned people?
(Vegex makes me lol)
Unban him you monsters! >:U

They won't, the mods have already put thier foot down here, he's permanently banned from the forums, but he's still allowed on the main site.
What makes me laugh out loud.
Periodic lapses in sanity.
Truth + half-truth = erroneous "Truth"
Observational humour. (ie: you ever notice that...)
Claims by the far right.(they also make me shudder at the same time too.)
Smart comebacks (Anecdote: Pierce Brosnan, before he was famous, was at a friends house raiding the fridge, a woman came down --his someday-to-be first wife-- and saw him with some hotdogs in his mouth,
"Hey! That was suppose to be my children's dinner!" to which he replied around a mouthful of hotdogs
"Would you like me to put them back?" )


I love DA drama...
It's a fine assortment of violations of ethnic standers, the top 10% MS paint sonic artist, hermaphroditic snake people And not to mention members that threaten to leave 30 times per week.
Truly beautiful drama...

DA's complaints forum provides a lot of lulz too... *nods*
And let's not forget encyclopedia dramatica.
And how could I forget non-sequiters, inside jokes, and bad puns.
(I work at a Kennel, and one day a co-worker asked me,
"Where's Bailey? Have you seen him?" well Baileys a pretty common dog name so,..
"He's the really old dog on the c side." (our kennels are divided by rows A, B, C, D.) I then adopted a piraty demeanor,
"Arrr matey! Ye be lookin for that ol' sea dog peg-leg Bailey?" )

Another Lol thing to do, is to casually request embarrassing drink combinations at a bar (or try and get your friends to do it.).
"Hi, yeah, uh, I'd like some Sex on the Beach with Two Dogs please?"


Cthulhu's Sexual Seraphim
I lol at scared people....I have no idea why....

The dreaded expressions on their countenances, the effeminate high pitched cries, and the feeling that all hope is lost... It makes me feel like laughing maniacally.

:D MwahahahahahahahahahahaMWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


<_< ( Is secretly evil ) >_>