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Watchers, but no comments?

First of all, this is NOT a complaint. This is just an observation.

Amazingly, right after I joined FA a month or so ago, tons of watchers starting piling in. Few of them knew me from DA or SA, but most of them were completely new and I have no idea how they found me, but I am nonetheless very pleased that they choose to watch me.

However, despite the growing number of watchers I get every day, it's rare I recieve any comments from these people. The people who knew me from before, I assume they're still waiting for me to post new stuff. But the new guys who found me on this site alone...are they even 'watching' the things I submit?

Again, not a complaint. What people do when they watch me is up to them. I guess I'm just wondering why this is, if there's a way I can encourage my watchers to comment (I've thanked every one of them for the watch and tried to go through a comment on a piece of thiers too, for one). How many people do all of you watch, and how often do your comment on their pieces?

I'm guessing someone will turn this into a needless flamewar, and if so I'll take it up with them in private notes. But for the rest of you, I'm honestly curious: What gives?


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Maybe they just don't like commenting. Or can't be bothered.


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Speaking for myself, I watch many people but I don't tend to comment much. It doesn't mean I don't think something's an awesome picture, it just means that I don't have anything to add to what's been said.
Jacky said:
it just means that I don't have anything to add to what's been said.

That's a good point. Although I personally wish I got more people willing to say more in-depth things about my pieces than 'oh cool!' Not that I'm ungrateful for those people, but since I'm not currently in art school and don't have as much time as others to devote to art, the little I'd do I'd like to get some feedback on, especially in ways I can improve, so that when I DO have time to draw again I can work on those things. I can establish some pattern of what I'm doing right and what I'm still lacking and keep moving forward.

But again, that's just me. Maybe I should post some little disclaimer at the bottom of each submission about this...?


I always try to leave comments whenever I can on others' pages, including on submissions that I find fav-worthy (I'll comment on other submissions too, it depends on what mood I'm in), but I easily get sidetracked. Then again, I haven't gotten around to +watching people on my new FA account yet (Only 3 are watched at the moment...am I lazy or what?), so I can't really lay a word in this other then the watchers are probably just too darn lazy to comment.

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I watch quete a few. Most being friends but also a few I never knew before I joined FA.. I rarelly comment on anything, but it doesnt mean that I dont like their art.. I just dont open my mouth unless I have something really to say.


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i try to be a comment machine. if i watch somebody, it's because i was impressed by their style and their originality, and i'll let them know what i think. i can't really critique someone's drawing on a technical level, but i try to let them know what struck me about a particular image. also, i know i love getting comments, so i try to keep the karma going.


Other than commenting on majority of the people's gallery, I don't know what else to do to get more comments. But which people I comment depends on two things: their art is really appealing to my eyes and whether they reply back to my comments. If they didn't reply, I would assume that they didn't need comments in the first place, though I may still watch them.


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I think a lot of people +watch any art they like so they can "browse" FA without actually using the browse pages - kind of like the VCL sieve, only with watchlists instead of skulls.


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I tend to watch people who have artwork that really catches my eye, for one reason or another. Though the number of submissions to wade through sometimes becomes pretty difficult and I tend to +fav if only to show I like the piece. Otherwise it would take me way too long to go through everything.


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I watch quite a few people, but I do tend to not comment unless I have something to say about the submitted work beyond ..."Cute!"
i always comment on art i like. whether i'm watching that person or not. and if i find a rly good one i will not only watch the artist who did it but through those comments that i make from then on i shall try my hardest to make friends with said artist. cuz i like being friendly and making as many furry friends the world over as i possibly can. so i probably make in a single day about 25-30 comments on this site. but thas just me though i know most people can't be bothered with such things as commenting on almost every subission from someone they are watching. especially when you are watching to many people to begin with. and ofcouse i fav. everything i like. i have a whole bunch of pages of faves on my userpage.


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I'm reasonably quiet, while I will comment on something that makes me go "Awesome" or something I keep to myself.
My Multimedia teacher says I'm overly critical over my own work and thus I don't say anything about others.


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To some people, +fav-ing something also equates either one of these things:

- Adoration

- Obsession

- Reference for plagiarism/study/imitation/style observation

- All of the above

The first former could also say that fav-ing something alone is enough to pay respects to particular artists.
kitetsu said:
The first former could also say that fav-ing something alone is enough to pay respects to particular artists.

Hit-and-run faves are becoming more of an insult than a compliment with me lately. Anyone can hit a button. It takes a person to write something down.

But like I said, what my watchers do with my art is up to them.
Hmm yer I think most of us have this prob I'll only comment on something that realy looks good or the artist who drew it has shown sighns of improvement and I dont comment on any of the top artist stuff ,thay get like heeps and I dont think thay read them anyway
If I get two comments on a pic I'm doing well, my arts not that good anyway so spose thats why


Speaking from the viewpoint of one who's mostly a lurker, there's a bunch of reasons why watchers don't comment, including but not limited to being generally lurkish, not having anything special to say, or bashfulness.

(Mostly it's the first two, for me. I drop a comment here and there, but mostly don't want to keep posting "it's great" or some similarly brief comment, as a) I hate repeating myself, and b) I'm not all that great on explaining why I like or dislike a certain work. That said, when I watch someone, I shout on their userpage, just to let them know I found their work interesting in a positive manner.)


Watching and faving IS my comment most of the time. You have to remember that there's people who watch a few hundred folks here and if you have the time to write to everyone and comment on their art, good for you. Some of us go in, scan, fav new things we like, check the front page, maybe watch someone new, go through all the journals, comments, favs, watches, etc that have come in, and get back to our own work.

I try to leave about 5 comments on art a day that I am here. However, I average 80 submissions in my inbox a day, many of which deserve more than a glance, but I don't have the time to write everyone an essay, nor am I going to be the millionth person to say "Nice!" unless I really feel like I have to say something. So the ones that I feel deserve something but i don't know what to say or don't have time to comment on get a fav. I do flyby watches because I like to save my comments to when I get to know a person a bit more, so I know what type of responses they prefer to hear (do they even want critique, or are they just there for fun, for example?) and I think that a watch is a good enough way of saying "I like your stuff and want to see what you're going to do next" without typing it out.


I don't usually say anything unless it's a friend, or I have something to say that is intelligent. I don't make it a habit to comment every time I fave/watch.