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Watercolor Paper Dolls and Character Art, starting at 25$!


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Hello hello! I'm offering a few slots for watercolor character painting and paper doll commissions. These bad boys are going to run between 25$ and 60$, depending on complexity and type.


mermaid_fullbody4.jpg fawnfull2.jpg wolf1.jpg

Basic info:
- All paintings and dolls are done traditionally on thick multimedia paper.
- Dolls are cut by hand and jointed dolls are assembled using miniature paper brads.
- Dolls usually turn out to be between 7" and 15", depending on the creature! My mermaid gal was a full 18", while my unicorn ended up being about 9".
- 3 slots available. Individual characters count as one slot; one commissioner may fill multiple slots.


Commission types:

Watercolor Character Painting - 25$
  • Basic watercolor painting of your character!
  • Can include basic props.
  • Delivered digitally as an edited scan. Originals can be shipped for an additional cost.
Unjointed Paper Doll - 35$
  • - Basic watercolor painting of your character, in the form of a cut paper doll.
  • - Shipping included!
Jointed Paper Doll - 40$-60$ (depending on complexity of joints.)
  • Painted, cut and jointed doll form of your character.
  • Extra or abnormal joints, like long tails or multiple limbs, will raise the price.
  • Shipping included!
Will Do's!
- Any species - human, anthro, feral, alien, mythical, robotic, and more!
- Simple clothing (will be painted on, not removable!)
- Nudity, mild violence/blood, and suggestive content, such as bondage gear or lingerie.
- Fanart!
Won't Do's!
- Complex costumes, props, or removable clothing! (at this time, at least.)
- NSFW, including vore, gore, sexual content, and general explicit kink stuff. No loli/shota characters.
- Multi-character interactions.
- Send me a PM/note or email me at steampunkepsilonplays@gmail.com if you'd like to commission me! I take payment through PayPal, and will give that information privately. If you have another method of payment, we can discuss that.
- Bring references!
- Shipping within the US only, through USPS.
- I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
- I reserve the right to use my work for promotions and marketing, gallery pieces, and the like. If you have special requirements, like keeping a commission quiet for someone's birthday, we can talk!
- Before I get to painting, I'll send you the sketch/lines for confirmation. After I receive confirmation from you and get the okay to start painting/assembling, you should send your payment.
Feel free to ask about anything I didn't address in this thread.


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Additionally, apologies if I don't respond right away for the next few days, as I'm currently at a convention. Doing my best to stay on top of messages, though!