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*waves paw* HIIII


smell-good badger
welcome to the forums :) I hope you enjoy your stay here as well as FA


New Member
Welcome the forums enjoy your stay, avoid the dark alleys


Evil villain
Welcome :)


glowing objects! :D
*waves back* hello! xD

welcome!! please do enjoy your stay here at FAF. and please, don't feed the trolls. :]
p.s. you can click this "Reply With Quote" button so that people know who you're talking to. just some advise cuz i needed a while to figure it out xD welcome again! ^^

Stargazer Bleu

2b forgot is worse than death
Hiya Chi. Welcome to the treacherous wonderful FA forums.

Hope you enjoy it here.

Also the dark alleys are dangerous completely safe.


Mental gears slipping...
Welcome to the circus! A black and lime wolf? Sounds like a delicious, delicous bar drink... o_O

*shakes paw - offers cookies*