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Ways to motivate yourself

real time strategist

"What's an airport, again?"
What are some ways you use to motivate yourself? For a example I have a rule that every time I complete something in my game (maps, fix major bug, enemy, etc) I can use one (or add another to save up) dollar that I can to do whatever I want with. (Not gaining money just allowing myself to use my money that I own)
I might walk around and eat a snack. Then I might listen to some music. Then I might watch a few Youtube videos. Then I realize that 3 hours have passed and I need to get everything done within the next 30 minutes. Then everything gets done within 30 minutes for better or for worse.


I lost my sock
Food or money are good motivation, haha. But it really depends on what I'm trying to get motivated for. Sometimes I'll use little "treats" when I'm working on something, like "if I sew this much more on my cosplay, I can have one piece of chocolate/one cigarette / one whateverthefuck. " Or when it comes to working out, I motivate myself with music and the promise of later eating whatever disgustingly enticing food I might be craving.