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We Have an Extra Cabin Bed at Furry Takeover [Fontana Dam NC] (9/16-18)


Unrespectable Member
If anyone is interested in a cheap stay in a cabin who wants to go to a convention in the mountains of NC later this month, we have a place to stay if you need one. The convention is Furry Takeover (https://www.furrytakeover.com/) which takes place in Fontana Dam NC on the weekend of 9/16 to 9/18.

We have a spare twin bed in a shared bedroom at a 3 bedroom cabin in the Fontana Village Resort. The cabin is rented for the nights of Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th.

Though you you will be sharing a room we are not the partying type and are mature enough to respect other people's sleep schedules. If you are interested in somewhere to stay for $50 a night or close to that price please DM me. We do not care about gender/orientation/etc. The group demographic is currently all male.