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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) Weapon Designs

PC Master Race

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I'm open for weapon commissions !
I accept payment by paypal : duongvietanh95@yahoo.com
Also : USD please !

What I do...
  • Most types of melee : knife, dagger, gladius, katana, nodachi, saber, machete, great-sword, hammer, mace, axe, tomahawk, scythe, sickle, pickaxe, halberd, glaive, spear, trident, scepter, wand, quarterstaff, tonfa, etc.
  • Most type of shields
  • Some long-ranged : ninja star and bow/arrow

What I don't do...
  • Fist-worn, gauntlet-type weapons : katar, claw
  • Chain weapons (such as flail or meteor hammer)
  • Crossbow
  • Gun

And here are my samples...

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