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Wearing a Fursuit in public other than Cons.


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Has or does anyone enjoy wearing their fursuit out in public other than conventions? Thoughts and if you do, your feelings?

I enjoy it in my own home but would love to wear it all the time.


I'm a hot dog


I do not own a fursuit, but I do know a lot of people take them out in public. I've seen people in fursuits around Orlando a few times.

Which, it's hilarious if there's only ONE person in a fursuit, and people don't know what furries are. I've gotten to see people try to figure out what team the "mascot" is for.


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Thus far, I've only been able to wear mine out into my yard, a quick jaunt around my street, and to a park, so really need Covid to end so I can wear it again, its been 50 weeks since!

Don't really have a handler either, so I've got my troubles!