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Wearing a tail in public.


A training artist
I want a tail that could move on its own. Of course it would look weird, but with a matching set of ears, at least I wouldn't look THAT dumb...

Kitsune Dzelda

A moving tail would either require genetic engineering or very sophisticated Bionic engineering in order to hide the power required to move a tail.

I would be just as happy wearing one in an interesting position.


How many of you have worn one in public?

Because i'm gonna go to a fabric store tomorrow to get faux fur and cloth(as a prototype) to sew to make a tail.

Hmmm, seems i'm a bit late to the party. OH well.

I'd like to do it, but its rather impractical in my case, these days i'm underemployed delivering an ad publication, and before that i was a taxi driver, both of which means my day is made up of either sitting, or getting in and out of a vehicle. Imagine doing that with a tail on, and you can see the problem, no? That said, i'd love to really have a tail.


I only do when it is considered "acceptable" like at conventions, on halloween and to anime club at my school. i wear my collar almost all of the time. i love my tail so much though. and a lot of people seem to actually flirt with me when i wear it, i guess they think it makes me look cuter. either way, i should wear it in public. and hell im in a band so i will probably start wearing my furry stuff on stage, no matter how much it bugs my drummer and guitarist!


I wear my real fox tail on Halloween. And on other occasions such as World Pillowfight Day.

But always for a reason (however contrived that reason may be).


Daring Air Pirate!
I did this once at work, and destroyed many minds. Granted it was Halloween and we do costumes. I'd just scripted the HAVOC, INC storyline featuring a furry luchador and I collect wrestling masks, soooo...I came in in full mask, CMLL tee shirt and a wolf tail.

Nobody actually flung themselves out the windows, but I suspect some came close...:grin:

Kitsune Dzelda

Wow, that kind of randomness would certainly make any normal human go insane, Im not having a nice time imagining it either. Hwoever Halloween is indeed my favorite time to dress up. I remember last year I was Death, or just one of his Reapers. I gave candy to kids as well as handmade Ghost Tags to kids depicting gory scenes and such. When the kids stopped coming though, I went into town and stalked families to give them candy. Scared quite a few kids too. Im already working on my suit for this year.

Kitsune Dzelda

I wasnt even attempting to scare them, >.> I was just being natural with that raspy voice added in for effect. And if you have been near me for longer than 5 seconds youd already know Im Insane.