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Wearing a tail in public.


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My sister does all the time, and she isn't even a furry. I think it draws attention for a short while and apart from the occasional gasp I think then it just becomes normal for people. :grin:


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must get tail and ears! ARGH! *pimp slaps closest person* AGH!!!!!

im only 14 but i dont care im too shy to wear in public but id get over it soon

PS also collars would be good, they are sexy as well XD


Care to join me for a bit?
i have a collar ordered and am getting a friend to make me a tail *whip cracks in the background* and yes im gonna wear them in public just cause i can : 3

just cause ican is the best excuse in the world :3


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I don't see what the big deal is. I've never done it, but my friends have every once in a while, and they have fun doing it, and kids seem to love it, too. Just don't make a big deal out of it and you'll be fine.


I used to wear my collar(now that my sis is going to college with me, is more complicated D=), and I would have loved to wear a tail when I could have. I'm gonna miss my furry fashion ;-;
Normally were my tail when I wear pants. I'm not a pants (love shorts to death) person so tossing on the tail throws off the whole 'normal' look I guess. Makes me feel more me. To everyone else it bight be awkward, but to me there's a freedom to it.

This doesn't mean it do it all the time. My tail has become a special occasion item.


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public meaning conventions, or public meaning the shopping mart? lol

I'm in a city of conservatives... if I wear a tail in public they'd probably arrest me for 'disturbing the peace' lol


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My friend Kitty and I dressed up as black cats for her birthday and went to a local pub (where we are, in fact, known as "The Cats".)

We just wore an Aliceband with ears on em, some black tops and black jeans and a tail...

Well, lets just say that the guys went mad for us:grin:


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I would consider it, but see, I think getting weird looks would be funny, so I either want a huge fluffy wolf tail, orrrr I want a HUGE curled up Husky tail, because it'd be so silly :p


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Do want Indeed :D
that's so pretty and soft looking <3


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heh, hell even I'd consider ordering one :D


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In one part of Orlando, FL, wearing a tail would be normal. Yes, I have done it and I did get a few strange looks. Then I passed a few more who had tails. It felt so natural.


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im going to once i i get it i paid 112 buck for custom tail and ears shes 2-3 months behind on orders
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i read on the newspaper about a guy who was interviewed cuz all day at school he wears a fox tail but what ruin the momment it was that he talk about his character who had supernatural power and balanced the light and dark and control the 4 elements and all that shit, if you gonna wear a tail just tell everyone you lose a bet with your friends if you are nervous to tell them about the furry